The 3rd Steering Group Meeting of Generation What? Asia-Pacific at Asian Side of the Doc will focus on briefing the participating broadcasters on the production phase of the global campaign including filming and editing of the video modules.

101016_HP_gen_what_asia-pacific_Logo_Asia_Pacific_bleuRegional trans-media campaign Generation What has reached over 900,000 young people in 13 countries across Europe, painting a portrait of a generation. Now with the support of UNESCO and the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union, Generation What is coming to Asia Pacific!

UNESCO Bangkok launched the project alongside its co-founders Yami 2 and Upian at the Asian Side of the Doc 2016, the leading international documentary marketplace in Asia. A new kind of television, on air and on the internet, bringing young people together from around the world, encouraging civic engagement and dialogue across faiths and cultures.

Participating broadcasters adopted the draft framework of the Generation What? Asia-Pacific questionnaire at its 2nd Steering Group Meeting which took place on 5-6 October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The next step for the broadcasters is to translate the questionnaire in their local languages.

To date, 10 ABU member organisations have confirmed their participation in this project :

  • NHK-Japan
  • RTA-Afghanistan
  • ACORAB-Nepal
  • VTV-Vietnam
  • RRI-Indonesia
  • TVK-Cambodia
  • BB-Bangladesh
  • BBS-Bhutan
  • TVNZ-New Zealand
  • Thai PBS-Thailand
  • 4 broadcasters (ETV, NTV, ONTV, and UBS) in Mongolia.

Generation What? Japan is scheduled to be launched in April 2018 while the campaign is scheduled to be launched across the rest of participating Asian countries in September 2018.

More info available on ABU website: