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How do I buy an accreditation? What is the deadline?

You can buy several types of accreditations. To do so, please log-in to our e-shop.

To appear in the printed catalogue, you must assign your accreditation before: XX
After this deadline you can still buy an accreditation, but you’ll only appear online.

How can I assign my accreditation(s)?

Once you have bought an accreditation, please log-in to our community space. Then click on Events Manager > Accreditations. You’ll be able to select your accreditation and assign it to yourself or your colleagues.

Please note that to assign an accreditation to one of your colleagues, you must all have an account and be registered under the same company.

What is a project?

A project is a documentary project, one off or series, in development, production or postproduction still looking for new partners and/or financing.

What is a programme?

A programme is a completed documentary seeking for sales or looking for a sales agent.

What are the deadlines?

(Midnight French Time)

Project submission to the pitching sessions: XX
Projects/programmes to appear in the printed catalogue: XX

Ads to appear in the printed catalogue: XX

Assign an accreditation: XX

Do I need to be accredited to submit my project(s) to the pitching sessions?

Yes. This policy is designed to guarantee the best quality of our events and to introduce only the most serious applications to our international jury. We also want to make sure that each project will be represented by a participant during the event.

How can I submit my project to the pitching sessions?

You need to be registered to the event to submit your project to the pitching selection. Then, you have to fill out the project form on the community space. Click on Events Manager > Projects & programmes.

Once you finished completing the form, click on “Validate and send out to catalogue”. Please note that you won’t be able to modify the form once validated.

Then, go back on Events Manager > Projects & programmes. You’ll see your project, and the button “Submit to the Pitch” next to it.

Who is the jury of selection?

The event gathers a jury with internationally acknowledged professionals: commissioning editors, producers, distributors, etc. The composition of the jury will be available online before the event.

How do the pitching sessions work?

If you are selected you will pitch your project in front of Decision Makers and other participants who chose to attend the session.
Pitch sessions last 15 minutes in total, 7 minutes for presentation and trailer, and 8 minutes Q&A with Decision Makers.

How do I access to my Community space?

You need to have an account to access the community space. You have to be registered to the event to access the Delegates List, etc.

What do I find on my Community space?

It is used by all participants attending the market.

Find participants’ contact details in order to book meetings, assign your accreditations, access the online catalogue, and register your projects/programmes.

Decision makers also register their information here.

What is a group stand?

Group stands (or umbrella) are for associations, unions, national or regional institutions to gather producers & distributors under a shared stand.

Participating under an umbrella gives you more visibility, a place to have your meetings and a lower rate.

For reference here are examples of Group Stands:
• ABPITV Brazilian TV Producers [Brazil]
• AG DOK German Documentaries [Germany]
• Screen Australia [Australia]
• Basque Audiovisual [Spain]
• Catalan Films & TV [Spain]
• Doc It [Italy]
• SPI : Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants [France]
• TVFI – TV France International [France]