Workshop: Fit for the Future, Interactivity in Reality

31 Jan 2018
16:30 - 18:00
Plenary Room

Workshop: Fit for the Future, Interactivity in Reality

French producers and industry experts, Laurent Duret (Bachibouzouk) and Christophe Nick (Yami 2) will go in-depth into the new business models and production process of interactive storytelling & immersive media experiences, through concrete examples they have produced.


  • ON/OFF (Camille Duvelleroy / Isabelle Foucrier)
    In I, a person’s dying process often unfolds inside a hospital. The technology associated with intensive care is the focus of the last hopes of our death-averse civilization. Trained to save lives, intensive-care personnel are becoming our society’s undertakers. The consequences of this trend deserve our consideration. Is a windowless basement really the best place to die?
    Behind the closed doors of an intensive care unit, the viewer discovers the daily life, setting, and conversation. Our project describes how hard it is for health care professionals to confront and “manage” death on a day-to-day basis. ON/OFF will be produced in cinematic VR. The experience lasts about 25’.
  • THE BIG ADVENTURE OF A LITTLE LINE (Serge Bloch / Antoine Robert / Camille Duvelleroy)
    A small boy taking a walk picks up a little line he finds lying on the sidewalk. Putting it in his pocket, he forgets about it entirely. Then the line starts to move – it’s alive! It’s the start of a long, shared adventure.
    THE BIG ADVENTURE OF A LITTLE LINE is a cartoon tale, an ode to drawing. We invite from the very young to the very old to take part in the many stages in a life-long friendship between a little boy and his red line.
    The project is composed of: a short film, freely based on the book by Serge Bloch, where the main thin is the love of drawing and an application which lets users to make the most of interactive experiences. It is users’ own drawings that drive the story.
  • I CAN’T WAIT (Serge Bloch / Claire Sichez / Camille Duvelleroy)
    I CAN’T WAIT is composed of a poetic app and a short film based on the book by Serge Bloch and David Cali, published by Les Editions Sarbacane.The interactive animated short film allows the viewer to interact with the story. This new experience mixes video sequences from the short film and specific animations for interactivity.
    This is a VR HTC Vive app. The audience can dive and blend into the famous painting from Kandinsky “La ligne continue”. This is a digital walk inside a real painting which you can manipulate and discover in a totally new way.


Pioneer in the development of cross-media projects, Yami 2 works in partnership with Upian, French leader in webdesign and webdocumentaries.

    The 18-34 generation will inherit a chaotic, globalized and interconnected world and hardly finds its place in it. Generation What? is a transmedia program aimed to the youth worldwide and which answers to these needs.
    Launched in France between 2013 and 2014, the program has been deployed in 2016 in 13 European countries with 19 broadcasters. The EBU and European broadcasters have renewed their image for this generation. After 5 months in Europe, over 600 000 young people visited one of the 13 websites available, and we collected over 95 million responses. For now, it is the most successful interactive program ever undertaken in the world. It is in production in the Arabic countries of the Mediterranean area with the partnership of the European Union, the ASBU and the COPEAM, and it will be launched in mid-april in the Asian-Pacific countries, in partnership with UNESCO and the ABU.
    Generation What? has given us a portrait of the millennial generation. Now, Le Weekend will use this material and allow young individuals aged from 17 to 35 to take hold of their national television and create programs. If the Millennials are alienated from tv then let’s say “fine, you do it!”.
    For one whole weekend in 2020, the professional television executives will leave the building and give real power to a small group of Millennials, aged in between of 17 and 35, chosen to represent their generation. 53 hours of web and TV programs created by a generation that has lost faith in much of the television that is offered to them. There will be filmmakers and directors known for their talent. Together, they will create and use all the formats of the 21st century, those who allow to hold up a mirror to our lives, feel strong emotions, through entertainment, lives, documentaries and fiction, including games, quizzes and a worldwide concert.