Panel: ASEAN – What does the market want?

Featuring Thai PBS, Mediacorp, ABS-CBN Global, RTV Indonesia

Panel: ASEAN – What does the market want?

The content market in Southeast Asia has become more and more international in flavor and sophisticated in terms of taste. Localisation of international formats, especially in the life-style and factual entertainment arena, has played a part in up-skilling the industry in some sectors, but is this true of documentary?

Come and find out from top broadcasters from all over Southeast Asia their insights into what they think the market wants from them – both in terms of documentary and factual and in other genres too. And hear what they want to see being pitched them this year that will surprise and engage the audience.

Featuring Thai PBS (Thailand), Mediacorp (Singapore), ABS-CBN Global (The Philippines), RTV Indonesia.

A session moderated by Chiara Bellati (Executive Producer, Singapore) and sponsored by Thai PBS.