What are the criteria of selection for the pitching sessions?

We consider projects in development, production or postproduction, still looking for funding, which answer the following criteria:

Supported by at least one partner: broadcaster, distributor, fund…
Already financed at least up to 50%
With a trailer
For further details please refer to our call for projects

Do I need to be accredited to submit my project(s) to the pitching sessions?

Yes. This policy is designed to guarantee the best quality of our events and to introduce only the most serious applications to our international jury. We also want to make sure that each project will be represented by a participant during the event.

Do I need to have a trailer to submit my project(s) to the pitching sessions?

Yes. For the Jury it is necessary that you have an available trailer, even if it is a temporary version, to review your project . If chosen, your trailer will also be screened during the pitch session. You will always be able to use a different version for your pitch session or on your professional account.

How do I access to my professional account?

You need to be registered to Sunny Side to get access to your professional account under the “Community” tab. Once registered, you will receive your login access to your professional account.

What do I find on my Community space?

Your professional account gives you access to your Community space. It is a great source of information about Sunny Side and our previous events. It is used by all participants attending the market.

Find participants’ contact details in order to book meetings, access the online catalogue, the video library, the schedule, and register your projects.

Decision makers also register their information and company profiles here. Check out your Community space now!

What is a videopitch?

You can produce a 5 min Video pitch which will be available on each projects profile for all participants or to Decision Makers only (you choose the level of privacy).

Your video pitch should be a “screencast” of your desktop as you flip through photos, video excerpts, structures, notes, web pages… you can film yourself, include a skype chat with a collaborator, show us some drawings or play us some music! Anything you think is necessary for us to take us to the universe you’re creating. But don’t forget to give it a solid structure and make sure you show off your creative storytelling talents across multiple platforms.

Please remember, the video pitch is not just a trailer of your project, it is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your ideas. So, we would definitely like to see you on screen for at least 30 seconds. So do not hesitate to be creative!